Jun 6 2018

Heading for the Black Forest

The Black Forest, one of Germany's most popular vacation spots, best known for cuckoo clocks, idyllic sceneries and cake. In this case though, it served as a source of inspiration for heavy drums, thick bass and a vibe that takes you straight to a little rural town called Bad Herrenalb. Having spent a lot of time in the forest as a kid with knapsacks full of Golden-Era-tapes, I felt it was time to come up with a little hommage. So put on your headphones and follow me deep into the woods. Since I'm running a kickstarter campaign on qrates.com, you can pre-order one of 100 vinyl copies right here. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Mai 16 2016

De La Haine Et Des Courgettes released on Amajin Records

May 15th finally saw the release of our album. It's available over at Amajin Records and comes on cassette tape as a limited edition of 50 copies. A special album in many ways. lt's been five long hard years in the making and may be cosidered as a thorough reflection of all the absurd and epic horseshit the two protagonists have experienced during that utmost productive period. This exciting masterpiece is jam packed with lyrical action, dark Hip Hop breaks and Reese bass (…or it might rather be the musical equivalent to the borderline, misunderstood genius that shows up at your hipster party, dashes finger-food against the wall while insulting the disgusted and dismayed guests with violent yet witty diatribes).

So a big worldwide thank you goes out to all our friends that participated in the completion of this weird piece of music: Tim @ Amajin Records and our incredible feature guests Tahkid, AC.Black, p.WRECKS, Menteroja and our great mastering engineer AK420.

Thanks, Merci, Danke, Gracias & Teşekkürler.


Mai 8 2016

New video: Nos Sables Mouvants

On May 15th Goersch & Noventa's album De La Haine Et Des Courgettes (of hate and zucchinis) will be released as a limited cassette edition on Amajin Records. To bridge the waiting time we're happy to announce the completion of our new video to one of our album's tracks.



Mrz 6 2016

AK420 & Goersch – Möblierte Melancholie

It's finally here! There's only a batch 50 tapes in stock, so batter up!

Mrz 5 2016

Goersch goes Amajin

So me and my friend AK420 have decided to work on a little common project and we're proud to announce that "Möblierte Melancholie" will be released this sunday (3/6/16) on Amajin Records. It'll be available on old school cassette tape and on Bandcamp of course.


Nov 26 2015

We set it off from Sweden to Düsseldorf

blind vision cover












Menteroja, emcee/activist from Sweden has just dropped his latest work Blind Vision with his fellow producer Johnik. I was given the opportunity to add a remix to this amazing piece:

…plus some cuts:


Also make sure to check the great remix by my friend AK420!


Jul 10 2014

New: Teer & Tulpen: The Mixtape

While Goerschi's current project still hasn't entered the final stage of completion, he nevertheless managed to raise his lazy ass to put together a mixtape. *insert applause here* Basically it's all remixes that I made out of boredom or on request over the time. So what to do with em before they collect more dust? Hmmm… why not compiling them on a mixtape? Here you go:



Teer & Tulpen: The Mixtape by Goersch on Mixcloud


Mai 31 2013

Back in the days

Just re-uploaded an old gem which me and Nomi did back in 2007, a dark IDM/Abstract Hip Hop cover of the beautiful tune Wanderlove, originally performed by Claudine Longet and written by Mason Williams in 1967. It's downloadable for a short period only, so get at it.

Mai 25 2013

Nomi sings

Live performance of Maybe She Suspects off the Borough Gypsy Mixtape live at Times Square/NYC. Feeling mad proud. Thanks Nomi, you're really shining on this one.


Mai 9 2013

It’s been a long time coming

…and now it's finally here. Nomi Ruiz, which some of you might know from projects like Jessica 6 or Hercules And Love Affair, just completed her sophomore solo release entitled Borough Gypsy. I'm proud to announce that I was given the chance to be a part of this great piece with production for the track 'Maybe She Suspects', next to other contributions of infamous feature guests such as Ill Bill from Non Phixion. If you're lucky enough to be somewhere in the NYC-area these days, you might even catch Nomi at the Clocktower Gallery where she's gonna perform Borough Gypsy live on Thursday, May 9, 2013.