What to expect

An exeptional artist whose work is truly impressive is the Lyon-based emcee Noventa. Not only the number of his released albums is fierce but also that unique aura and raw energy his french lyrics spread set him apart from most rappers. Now the inflationary use of big words is a common phenomenon that often occurs whenever an emcee is being described and almost as much as often it's all empty promises. But me being highly impressed by an emcee is something that rarely happens. And even more seldom is the opportunity to join forces with such an emcee. So I'm proud to announce that me and Noventa are currently working on a project which we plan to release soon.

Here's a track that I recently recorded with Noventa and the turkish emcee AC.Black, the latter might be familiar to some of you from my last post.  To get a rough idea of the direction we're heading to, just listen to this:


Also make sure to check Noventa and his amazing catalogue of free(!) albums on: 90noventa.wordpress.com/

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