De La Haine Et Des Courgettes released on Amajin Records

May 15th finally saw the release of our album. It's available over at Amajin Records and comes on cassette tape as a limited edition of 50 copies. A special album in many ways. lt's been five long hard years in the making and may be cosidered as a thorough reflection of all the absurd and epic horseshit the two protagonists have experienced during that utmost productive period. This exciting masterpiece is jam packed with lyrical action, dark Hip Hop breaks and Reese bass (…or it might rather be the musical equivalent to the borderline, misunderstood genius that shows up at your hipster party, dashes finger-food against the wall while insulting the disgusted and dismayed guests with violent yet witty diatribes).

So a big worldwide thank you goes out to all our friends that participated in the completion of this weird piece of music: Tim @ Amajin Records and our incredible feature guests Tahkid, AC.Black, p.WRECKS, Menteroja and our great mastering engineer AK420.

Thanks, Merci, Danke, Gracias & Teşekkürler.


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