Apr 26 2013

On the 1’s & 2’s

Looks like this is gonna be fun: Will be performing alongside DJ Andy Smith (the one from Portishead), Henry Storch and Andreas Hagen. So if you happen to be somewhere around Duesseldorf next tuesday, this is where it's at:

Dienstag, 30.4.2013, 22 Uhr
Berliner Allee 46, 40210 Düsseldorf
Eintritt: VVK 7 EUR, AK 10 EUR

Jan 24 2013

Another leak

As me and Noventa continue to work on our little masterpiece, we got another track we want to share with y'all. This one's titled 'Le Soulèvement', which translates best with 'The Rebellion' or 'The Uprising'. And this is how it sounds like:

Thanks to my man Distort for letting us use his great artwork.

Dez 11 2012

To those who pose lyrical but really ain’t true

Me and Noventa have been diligent so far and slowly but surely our efforts bear first fruits. The first track of our joint venture has just been completed and since we can't wait no longer, we decided to drop the bomb right here, right now. This one is called Les Clowns Pt. I, a lyrical roundhouse kick aimed towards all fake rappers and false prophets out there. Also there's gonna be a second part which will be a little more unconventional and not be revealed before the release of the album. So stay tuned…


Okt 1 2012

What to expect

An exeptional artist whose work is truly impressive is the Lyon-based emcee Noventa. Not only the number of his released albums is fierce but also that unique aura and raw energy his french lyrics spread set him apart from most rappers. Now the inflationary use of big words is a common phenomenon that often occurs whenever an emcee is being described and almost as much as often it's all empty promises. But me being highly impressed by an emcee is something that rarely happens. And even more seldom is the opportunity to join forces with such an emcee. So I'm proud to announce that me and Noventa are currently working on a project which we plan to release soon.

Here's a track that I recently recorded with Noventa and the turkish emcee AC.Black, the latter might be familiar to some of you from my last post.  To get a rough idea of the direction we're heading to, just listen to this:


Also make sure to check Noventa and his amazing catalogue of free(!) albums on: 90noventa.wordpress.com/

Aug 28 2012

Turkish for beginners

How many Turkish Emcee's do you know?  Not that much? Well, these ones here are excellent to start with. You definitely shouldn't sleep on AC.Black & Azrail, better known as Ferman, a turkish Hip Hop duo from Germany, known for their breathtaking mic skills. Enough reason for me to hook up with em for a track and a video. Special thanks to my friend Simon Glass, who shot and directed this little gem here.


Jul 13 2011

Pasta on Solid Steel

I was well surprised this morning when I found out that one of my productions was featured on Ninja Tune's podcast Solid Steel. DJ Irk picked the track Elevator Music from The Pasta E.P. for his set and threw it into a wicked mix of Dubstep and Hip Hop. I can only conclude that with a quote by Run DMC: GODDAMN THAT DJ MADE MY DAY!

Mai 21 2011

Droppin‘ Pasta

Today is a big day, ladies and gents! May I introduce to you: The Pasta E.P.

And this is what you get: Prosper Jones and Big Mr. Distort on the Mic, me on production/cuts plus a guest appearance by Noventa of Consensus Lo-Fi, all on this little masterpiece of Hip-Hop art.

So finally here it is, it took us a while, but good things come to those who wait they say. 

To cut a long story short, we hope you enjoy it. Bon Appétit.


P.S. If you want to purchase a physical copy, that not only includes a special bonus track but also is a great fan item, then drop me a mail.

Mai 15 2011

Pasta about to be served: 5/21/2011

As I already mentioned earlier, there's something new and interesting on its way. So let's finally reveal some facts today. This brand new something the whole world has been waiting for is…? Yes, Pasta of course!

To be specific, me, Prosper Jones and Big Mr. Distort put our brains together to come up with this delicious masterpiece called The Pasta E.P. It's seven tracks strong, it's crazy energetic and it's something we're mad proud of. And the best is yet to come: It's gonna be downloadable for !!!FREE!!! on May 21st 2011 here on goersch.org


Apr 21 2011

All new

Just got a whole new website up and running. Something new and interesting is on its way, so stay tuned…